The Kenyan naturalista, has certain questions about her hair, which Google or YouTube cannot answer. Questions on aspects of our hair in context to where we are from on the continent and our ancestral roots. Enter Hairlab 2.0.

HairLab 2.0 is a research project of the National Museums of Kenya. It has been originated by a die-hard naturalista who also doubles up as a museum professional. Her day job puts her in the heart of the institution that is mandated to research, document and preserve our national heritage.

The purpose of the research is to dispel some myths commonly associated with our kinky textured hair from a scientific standpoint. The research will also address concerns about the role genetics, evolution, ethnicity and geographical location have to play as regards our hair texture, curl pattern and hair density.

The results from the research will form part of an exhibition Hair: the Art, Science and History. The exhibition will explore the story of African hair in 3 different perspectives Art, Science and History of hair with a strong bias to the Kenyan Story. It will ran for 3 months at the Nairobi National Museum.

The plan is to take the hair conversation from a “niche” discussion on online platforms as well as natural hair events to a national level and beyond.  It is time to tell our hair story.

Click on to find out how you can be a part of this innovative research project. Follow the conversation on Instagram @hairlab2.0

We look forward to having you visit the exhibition when it is finally launched!

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