We’re happy and very excited to introduce to you the first issue of The Hairpolitan Lifestyle Magazine titled “Here Come The Hairpolitans”

In this issue, you’re going to find out exactly who we are and what makes us tick and then, you’re going to want to join us.

I left two jobs early this year having worked for six years in the Kenyan communications industry I felt it was about time to say goodbye. I write this on the eve of a Euro trip that I have been planning for the past three years and more importantly, I write this for everyone who’s ever felt lost or unhappy in your current circumstances.

Here come the Hairpolitans Issue 1 Cover

The Hairpolitan Lifestyle Magazine Issue One Cover. Model Wagio Mokaya

One day, while still employed, I was working on my ad portfolio and I was looking for a quote to put on the cover page. I came across the following quote from Dr. Seuss:

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

The quote struck a chord deep within myself. I realised that there would be no one else like me in this world ever. Six months later, here I am trying to be the best version of me. When Wambui, our creator, asked me to help on The Hairpolitan, I had just quit my second job and was in the no man’s land where you aren’t really sure what comes next. I said yes, because it meant I could get more writing done, I said yes because I wanted to see this thing grow. Finally, I said yes because of the times I couldn’t have said yes in the past.

Hairpolitan is here for everyone who wants to say yes to natural hair and living but is too afraid to do it. We are the shot in the arm, the gentle nudge and the all out shove in the right direction. You will find a lode of information on natural hair, beauty and living. We are the go-to source for all Naturalistas looking to say yes to being healthier and happier. Say yes to being a Hairpolitan and be your truest you.

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