The annual pilgrimage to worship at the Temple of Resolutions has started. If they haven’t already, the hashtags will start to drop #teamgym #dietsquad #teamnoresolutions and in our natural hair circles >>#hairgoals. I’ve seen that last one do some rounds and it has me like !!!! The only hair related activity I feel like pursuing right now is to shave my head clean!

I technically just installed Sisterlocks (even celebrated the 1st Nappyversary) and my Sistohawk (Sisterlocked Mohawk) has become an easy signature look that I don’t have to think about. But honestly I woke up on the 1st day of this year of our Lord twenty seventeen and I wanted to run a Wahl clipper through my hair; then jump into a hot shower to let that water nearly scald my fresh hairless skin.

I’ve been missing my open full head of hair of late. I am not sure why… most who know me will say it’s not surprising. I have been known to have a short attention span when it comes to keeping a hairdo. Though, I did manage to keep dreadlocks for close to 6 years! I think that should count for something if not everything! It’s also a common occurrence for me to want to shave my head during our hot months (Jan-March). I chopped off my 6 year locks on Feb 16th 2007. So perhaps I should let the months go by and assess my desire to shave around April/May when the weather is cooler.

In the interim, the only thing I can think about to mitigate this feeling is to put some serious loving into my hair (as I type this I have a Binti Naturals Hot Oil Treatment simmering on my head under cling film and a scarf). I shall also be on the look out  for a new and exciting way to keep my mind away from the eminent shave.

I currently have severe hair envy thanks to this image. Source: @yeschrisyesss (IG)

Recently, a fellow Kenyan naturalista successfully completed a 10 day challenge that involved her creatively wrapping her hair up (check out #headwrapsandrubbershoechallenge). It gave me an idea on how I could perhaps make use of the close to 20 scarves that I neatly packed away over the christmas holidays (I usually use them during the cold season to keep my shoulders warm and the sun is upon us in this January).

I even found this awesome Headwrap/Turban Tutorial by Fusion of Cultures to guide my quest. Please note, I won’t be creating a hashtag or anything, but I’ll see if I can spice up my hair game in a bid to averting boredom so keep it on the gram @simplywambui to see what my hair might be covered in at any given time.

Nakhulo’s 10 Day #headwrapsandrubbershoechallenge. Source: @Nakhulokhaimia (IG)

In the meantime I figured I can’t be the only one who would be afflicted by a case of hair boredom. So I asked my fellow Hairpolitans and this is what two of them had to say:

Evie Dondi:

As a naturalista I’m not only a walking dictionary of natural hair care, but I’m also a creative. I play with different hairstyles and love styling friends for events. I know how to care for my hair, what works and doesn’t, how my hair will react to certain products. I’m also set on my product favourites and I’m not interested in everything new since, well….I’m not a product junkie.

Turban tying game strong! Source Evie Dondi

I’ve had to heal my hair from damage from color and my scalp from the use of bicarbonate of soda, so I’ve seen the worst of it and yet I still knew what to do. I have a strong regimen and can pretty much come up with one for anyone, with any hair type. I think you get the point…..BUT here’s the twist, I AM BORED.

I’ve hit a point where I want to cut my hair every time and color it, as if my brain forgets I’ve had that same experience and somehow wants a recreation to spark my juices. I always catch my brain in the trick. Boredom is the trap in which I now understand many seasoned naturalistas fall into and give up or end up having 3,4,5 big chops. That’s the easy part. I’ve chosen the hard part, to stick out and see how deep this can run. I want to learn about my own psychology and identity when it comes to my natural hair identity in this space of boredom.

Wagio Mokaya:

What gives?!?!?! Source: Wagio Mokaya of Thy Natural Hair

I have had natural hair, a curly kit, permed hair, then dreadlocks for a brief time, numerous hair shaves, then back to permed hair again and shaved again! I’ve had natural open hair for the last 5 years now. My most recent journey began with a tapered cut.

I had some difficulty with a certain awkward stage that I tried all sorts of protective styles. Now that my hair is shoulder length… I am bored. I have reached the a point where I want to do something different but I don’t know what, considering I have done everything that can be done on hair. Well, apart from Sisterlocks, which I find to tiny for my hair.

Is it a case of human nature where we can never be satisfied? Or am I just tired of working on my hair? Perhaps I should just go bald ?

Hair Length Goals. Sourced from the Internet.

Whatever your Hair goal remember it takes 21days to get a habit down pat, so hang in there, keep it simple and it will be achievable. Also remember you don’t have to wait for a new year to show itself for you to set goals or make resolutions. Any day is a good day to be alive and to believe in your own magic whatever that may mean to you!

Happy 2017!!!


Featured Image courtesy of Learcy Photography

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2 Responses

  1. Nakhulo Khaimia says:

    Yey!!! Thank you for mention my challenge it was my first ever challenge that l completed and really learnt one or two things, patience, creativity and persistence because Yes you can!!! Thinking of another challenge to do since l have joined the tapered cut bandwagon.

    • hairpolitan_mag says:

      You’re welcome. It was quite inspirational btw, you have something there. Thank you for sharing what you learned as well. If we’re not learning we’re not growing. Tapered cut!? Looking forward to seeing the pictures <3