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3 Responses

  1. Ruth Sebagereka says:

    Hi Wambui,

    Thanks for your interesting and absorbing article. I think that as a Woman- and as an African woman- the sentiment of feeling that actually- the ‘unwritten rules’ of society are not meant for my Well being- has been felt by many. From divorces, marriages, in-laws, widows, abuse, child custody-the list ofcourse goes on- However, I believe that women are Very Powerful (as are men ofcourse)- And our greatest power as human beings- under God- is Redemption- Righting of error. So whatever our feelings- I believe that is our potential path-our compass- the Path we navigate- to plot a path towards Righting of Error.

    • hairpolitan_mag says:

      Thanks Ruth for reading the article and for your comment. Righting of Error is what we strive to do but sometimes we’re hit from all sides and the battle feels futile. We do need to embrace our resilience more and build upon our african female self esteem much more to with stand what is thrown at us.

  2. Nepurko says:

    This made me sad and unhappy but still I will rise and fly higher than they ever thought I could.
    “I am woman. Hear me roar”