It’s with much gratitude and excitement that I wish you, esteemed reader, a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017! It’s our very first!!!

Why lie! It’s been a crazy (but fun) ride since Hairpolitan launched in August, 2016 and I am certain that without your support, all this would be nothing but an idea yet to be born.

So to all those who came onboard the Hairpolitan team, to those who contributed stories, to those who shared our social media posts, to those who told all & sundry about our work, to those who took part in our very first cover girl competition, to those who wrote in, called or stopped me randomly to say we’re doing a great job…I salute you and I say a big thank you!

Hairpolitan has much more in store for you but first… let’s all chill & enjoy the holidays with those we love.

Have a good one!

Wambui JL

Creator, Hairpolitan

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