One day, in natural-hair-ville, we were minding our own business when BAM! We see these braids that are looking superfine on one of our group members and suddenly we all wanted a taste of the pie. The lady that was slaying the hair is called Nyasuba therefore the hair do subsequently became known as “Nyasubalocs”. The beauty with them was they looked better with age, much like wine.

We’ve all heard of Senegalese Twists or Havana Braids, all named after a place they originated from; but we’ve not heard of a funky hairstyle being named from any part of Kenya (I stand to be corrected if there is such a hairstyle). So you can see why we were excited to talk to the woman whom these locs are named after, to get a little understanding of how they came to be a hairstyle trend. It is after all the month where we pay homage to protective styles, and they don’t come any easier and stylish like these do.

Nyasubalocs on Nyasuba herself

1.What does the name Nyasuba mean?

It means ‘from Suba’ Suba is in Homa Bay County

2. What are people’s reactions when you tell them the name of the hairstyle you have on? 

People tend to try to figure out the connection.

Queen of DIY rocking her Nyasubalocs. Image courtesy of Fridah Otieno

3. When was your first installation of Nyasubalocs done?

I did my first #Nyasubalocs in mid July 2015 at Onea Osiako’s Salon. I had never done box braids because most people would complain about the weight of the braids. So when I consulted Onea, I was sold.

4. Did you know it would become a trend within the natural hair circles?

Oh no I did not!! I was actually very shocked at how the ladies loved the do.

5. Does one have to use a specific braid to install them?

Yes. Mostly Afro Kinky or Marley braids

Wairimu Nyandia slaying her Nyasubalocs. Image Courtesy of Patric Pato 

6. What kind of comments (positive and/or negative) have you gotten when you install Nyasubalocs?

The comments are hilarious especially when the hair ages. I get the ‘Sista Ras’ ‘Sista’ ‘Wagwan’ always makes my day!

7. What’s your method of taking down Nyasubalocs or any PS that you’ve installed? 

I go to the local salon if I feel lazy or I just undo the hair myself. Normally it does not take so much time, about 20mins.

8. How do you keep your hair moisturised when in PS Mode?

I will always swear by Crème of Nature Leave-In conditioner, it smells great, keeps hair super soft.

Nyasuba’s current holiday hair. Are they soon to be called Nyasuba Twists?

9. Apart from Nyasubalocs what’s your current go to protective style?

Chunky Twists done by Nya Ugenya at Kenyatta Market.

10. How will you be styling your hair during the upcoming holidays?

I wanted to try out something different with Marley braids, so I went to Onea and had loose twists done. I am sold!

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4 Responses

  1. Joan says:

    I love these nyasubalocs….
    The name is catchy
    Where can you get them?

  2. Marie says:

    Nyasuba locks are bae. Though it took me 3hrs to take down last time. 20minutes? I need your hands Nyasuba

    • hairpolitan_mag says:

      Thank you for your comment. By any chance do you soak in coconut oil or conditioner before take down?