The end year holidays are here, and usually it means you’ll either be going down to the warm, sunny beach or up to the rainy countryside. Despite your destination you should be sure of the following: animal blood shall be shed in plenty, there shall be yummy food on the table, days of merry making will be going down and the last thing you want to take care of is your open hair.

Since we were young, this time of year was all about plaiting a.k.a installing braids to minimise the amount of work required to keep your hair neat, tidy and ready for any festive activities. So, essentially, we had the concept of protective styling down pat from back in the day, nothing new to see here.

However, protective styling is not just about getting your braid on, you can put on a wig for the day, install a weave and even just do regular flat twists or the more elegant twist & tuck using regular bobby pins. Basically, as long as your hair is styled to reduce manipulation thus protecting the strands by reducing knots and tangles while encouraging growth, then you’ve done it right; and your hair will thank you.

In this upcoming month of December, Hairpolitan will be celebrating all things Protective Style (PS) and our request is simple:

  1. Install your choice of protective style,
  2. Take a picture, post on your IG and tag us @hairpolitan using the hashtags #SlayingMyPSMode #PSMode
  3. Let us know what style, technique you’ve used, how you plan to maintain it and how long you intend to have it on for.
  4. You can also let us know what products you’ll plan to use and any other interesting tidbit you’d like to share.

We’ll also be partnering with Natural Hair Kenya during this celebration. They will be sharing tips and tricks of PS-ing with us plus letting us know what is in on trend this season. They also have an exciting announcement to make in the course of the month so stay tuned!!!!

To kick the celebration we got a hold of hair styling vixen Wachu Wanjaria to ask her a few questions:

  1. Regular braids or Crochet braids?

Crochet braids

  1. Wig or weave?

Wigs! I make my own wigs emoji-smiley-08

Wigging it!

Wigging it!

  1. Why are they your preferred PS Mode styles?

I like these two styles because they have little or no negative effects on my hair, I can take good care of my hair underneath; and my hairline suffers no tension. Lastly, I get to experiment with a myriad of looks – straight, curly, coloured hair.

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids

  1. D.I.Y or Hair Salonist?  

I prefer a salonist but I am very picky about who does my hair.

  1. Which PS Mode did you try and regret till this day?

I recently took down an installation of faux locs, which massacred my hairline. But it was my fault, from week one, my scalp had sores and I was in so much pain but I choose to keep the style in spite of the pain. I paid dearly for it.

Faux Locs

Faux Locs

  1. How do you prep your hair for PS Mode?

I do an intense protein treatment, which I follow up with moisturizing treatment. During the actual twisting, braiding or plaiting I apply Shea Butter on each section.

Curls-for-Days Wig

Curls-for-Days Wig

  1. How do you take care of your hair when in PS Mode?

Daily: I spritz the hair with a DIY Spritz of water, glycerin and peppermint oil.

Fortnightly: I shampoo the hair with TRESemme Shampoo, then apply Harvest of Sunshine Buyu Daily Leave-In and then Castor oil mixed with peppermint on my scalp.

My hair is very fine and gets build up real easy. So, the fewer the products I put on my hair the fewer the chances of matting or breakage during takedown

Vixen Crochet

Vixen Crochet

  1. How long do you stay in PS Mode?

2- 4 weeks depending on the style.

Nyasuba Locs

Nyasuba Locs

  1. What are the benefits of PS Mode for your hair?

I have a serious case of Hand in Hair (HiH) syndrome, so PS-ing helps me keep that in check.

Jumbo Twists

Jumbo Twists

  1. How will you be styling your hair during the upcoming holidays?

I will be alternating between wigs and two-strand twists with my own hair for the holidays. Possibly Crochet Braids…I’m a Libra and our indecision is legendary.

Flat Twist on Fleek

Flat Twist on Fleek

Thank you for the insights Wachu! We look forward to seeing your ever-versatile styles on your platforms. Follow her on IG @ suziannaloves.

Bring on the Holidays!

Images courtesy of Wachu Wanjaria

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  1. Michelle Ntalami says:

    Love love this article! Well done Hairpolitan and Wachu you’ve killed it in all those looks!

    • hairpolitan_mag says:

      Thanks Michelle for your feedback! Wachu’s styling needs to be hailed from the mountaintops!