I’ve just had a fresh PS installed. That’s Protective Style for the newbies. I had it installed so I could test myself. I haven’t had a PS in five years, and that’s probably a year or so before I did a big chop and went natural.

So, I made a plan and went to the barber first for a fresh fade/ cut and then visited Onea’s salon in town. Heck I even took a matatu into the CBD because I didn’t want to arrive at the salon with “mushed” hair on account of my helmet. Three hours later, I was done and after a celebratory Dawa at Kaldi’s I was ready to go home. Heavens be damned if I was going to board a matatu back home.

Look Mama. I have a bun

I decided to hail a Little Cab and once I settled in for the ride, conversation ensued. We inevitably settled on the topic of hair and despite his rambling, I managed to glean from my driver, Daniel (not his real name), that:

  1. Girls should not cut their hair; it’s their crown
  2. We certainly should not loc our hair; we’re sending out the “wrong signal” to the world about our “professionalism”
  3. We especially should not be “adventurous” with our style; simple is pretty
  4. Cab guys will never correctly guess my age and if I tell them the truth, they might ask me to alight mid trip.

It’s been a while since I looked like a girly girl

Anyway, despite his archaic views on women and their hair, Daniel got the full five star rating and I’m pretty sure he had some great material for when he went home to his wife that night. A Ride to Remember with the Biker with the Braid Fade. From the universe with unrealistically long movie titles.

It had been five years, since I had a PS installed, and it was fun while it lasted but I wanted to hide my hair away for a bit and try something different. Already, I have had to clean out my old helmet with the loose-ish cheek pads as the current one won’t fit my head. Now, when I ride, people definitely know it’s a lady on a bike but they still behave like the own the road, so no it’s not gotten better but there was this guy with Mercedes Convertible who wanted to race. Long story short, I let him win even before the race started. Life is precious.

Biker with braids troubles

In conclusion, the PS is good for retaining length; my hair has grown so much, I need to go for a touch up before Christmas. It’s good for dealing with Hand in Hair (HiH) syndrome, which robs Kurllies of hair in the long run. The only downside is the increased level of maintenance to keep them clean and moisturized through out the duration of the style but I’m sure the pros outweigh the cons for length and health chasers alike. I’m planning to slay my PS till mid January when I unleash the long, bomb ass fade I’ll have and then I might PS or BC again. Life truly is precious.

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