In 2013, while warming our bodies by a fireside at a friend’s house, the idea of a Natural Hair Magazine came to mind, it was discussed briefly and everyone felt that the idea had some traction. However, as all ideas go, it needed a time and place for it to come to life. Thankfully, nearly 3years later,here we are with the idea having slowly gained required understanding and aiming to fulfil a need in the market.

The name Hairpolitan is a portmanteau of the words “Hair” and “Cosmopolitan”, the latter being defined as “ familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.” (Online Dictionary,




adjective: hairpolitan

  1. A Naturalista familiar with, at ease and respectful of different curls and kinks.

“her knowledge of natural hair types made her such a hairpolitan”

  1. Including people from many different natural hair backgrounds.

“the ladies transformed Nairobi city into a hairpolitan metropolis”

  1. Having an exciting and glamorous hairstyles associated with having natural healthy hair.

“their lifestyles became a byword for hairpolitan chic”

  1. A collective of a Naturalistas found in one place.


noun: hairpolitan; plural noun: hairpolitans

  1. 1Her hairdresser is a bonafide hairpolitan.

Hairpolitan, therefore, seeks to define a who is person familiar & at ease with and respectful of the different curls and kinks on different people from natural backgrounds.

Our mission is to promote the Natural Hair & Living culture in Kenya and beyond. It will focus on those who are interested in keeping natural hair, using natural remedies & products on their hair & skin, eating organically healthy food and keeping fit.

Hairpolitan commits to being a platform to profile people in society who are already living this lifestyle who can both encourage and be role models to those who already are in it or are aspiring to live it. The magazine will be a vessel to inform individuals about available Natural Hair & Living principles, services and products; and will encourage interaction among those living a Natural life in an educative, creative and inspiring way.

Read our first Issue here:

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6 Responses

  1. Sidy says:

    Good stuff!!!

  2. Marie says:

    Great idea, I love it.