A couple of months ago, for unknown reasons, my face broke out on my cheeks and forehead. I’d not had a breakout like that in a while so I was perplexed. I had been using a mishmash of products worked effectively for a solid year. Then suddenly they all started running out one by one. Please don’t ask why I didn’t think ahead to replace them; I have learned my lesson. Here are the products:

  • Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Milk Cleanser
  • Edible Rose Water from Oman
  • Asili Moisturizer by Urembo Asili
  • Pure Moringa Oil (as a night serum) from Amazing Moringa Harvest

Before: Breakout situation on my left cheek.

A few weeks ago, I was at The Junction Mall in Nairobi, on a different mission when I happened upon the Yves Rocher kiosk that’s directly opposite the Carrefour Supermarket entrance. My friend and I noted that the kiosk didn’t have products per say, but had pamphlets and samples in baskets. So we got the feeling that they’d not really set up which was a bummer cause I was eager to look at their products physically as I have always been curious about them since they launched.

I picked a brochure and asked the attendant if they had products. She asked what my exact problem was and I showed her my face. The sales attendant immediately recommended that I take some samples, use over a few days and come back for a follow-up review. She then took my details on a form and handed me a Yves Rocher card that had a unique number assigned to me. It wasn’t made clear what the card would do for me but I must say it’s a pretty card to have in my wallet.


Before: Breakout and open pores on my right cheek.


The attendant gave me very many sachets of:



Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser 

  • The sachet of the exfoliating cleanser had too much product for one use, so I ended up using one sachet two times a day.
  • I am wary of exfoliators because I feel using them daily exposes my skin to over exfoliation (if there is such a thing). But with this one, I found I didn’t feel like I had over scrubbed my face.
  • The product was pinkish and had a nice distance smell, giving me that spa-like feeling every day.

Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Creme

  • My face felt plump and elastic all day, so I feel their 24H hydration promise was kept
  • The product worked well with my rose water (the attendant gave me the go-ahead to keep using it as a toner).
  • As a representative of the Hydra Vegetal line, I feel it did great! It’s given the confidence to explore the rest of the line.

Sample sachets of the Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser & the Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Creme.


Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Opening the sachet was a nightmare, I had to keep a pair of scissors in my bathroom to ease the opening process.
  • I am still not sold on exfoliating on a daily basis, I need to understand why this would be necessary.
  • Considering this was the product representative for the Pure System line I wasn’t sold on the line.

Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Creme

  • I was not able to get a double portion from one sachet as I did with the cleanser so I ran out of this before I did the cleanser.
  • The attendant mentioned that the product was not to be applied to the eyes, as a Naturalista I am wary of products that can’t be slathered from head to toe.
  • The scent was neither here nor there, it was like there was no scent but the little that was there came across as medicinal.


Product Review: Yves Rocher (Ke) Cleanser & Gel Creme by Wambui JL

The Yves Rocher card that’s been sitting pretty in my wallet. It was given to me after sharing my information.


On a scale of 1-5 (1 being ineffective and 5 being effective), I’ll give the Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser a rating of 3/5 mainly because of the daily exfoliation bit which I am not 100% sold on. However, it did work on removing my breakout and closed my pores. As for the  Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Creme, I’ll give it a 4.5/5 because I love that my skin felt hydrated all day which felt like a promise kept. I perhaps wish it had a yummy smell like the cleanser did.

  • Location:
    • I was happy to find their kiosk at The Junction Mall because it was within my general area. Since Yves Rocher came to Kenya I have not found myself at the Westgate mall for any reason at all. Visiting Yves Rocher has remained one of the top reasons I would pay a visit to the mall.
Product Review: Yves Rocher (Ke) Cleanser & Gel Creme by Wambui JL

After: Right cheek with visible improvements on the breakouts and scarring.

  • Sales Person:
    • The attendant while not so talkative was generous with the samples.
    • She didn’t invite me for a skin analysis before giving me product samples. I feel that the experience would have been much better if I got a skin consultation. It’s good to get professional feedback on what you think is ailing you vs. what is actually ailing you. Throwing product at a client sometimes doesn’t indicate you know what you are doing.
    • The sales attendant didn’t clearly explain what the card she gave me was supposed to do.
    • I am still awaiting communication from Yves Rocher since I shared my number and email address.
  • Information:
    • Yves Rocher Kenya has no local website. I’ve had to surf the UK website to get information about their products. It would be nice to have a .ke website that lets us know which products are available here and the prices in our currency.
    • They have a Facebook page but their messages response time isn’t as quick as one would like.
    • I spotted a Yves Rocher adopt a light billboard, somewhere in Westlands area. It seemed to have a product and price, however, I was driving and was not in a position to stop and read the details. Such information should be shared online as well.
    • There are no updated product reviews online. The last one I could find was by Sheila Ndinda‘s and it was done over a year ago. Also, one cannot trace the review on her YouTube Channel.
Product Review: Yves Rocher (Ke) Cleanser & Gel Creme by Wambui JL

After: Left cheek with visible improvements on the breakout. Pores still an issue though.

  • Products:
    • I love the fact that they gave me products samples to try. This is not a typical behavior of Kenyan brands as one would have to buy a product, use it and if it doesn’t work throw or give it away.
    • The cleanser worked great, though as I mentioned before the daily exfoliation didn’t sit well with me. I am interested to try the Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Cleansing Milk mainly because I was already using a cleansing milk that worked well with my skin.
    • The Hydrating Gel Creme is bae, looking forward to getting me a jar!


  • The Pure System Exfoliating Gel is soap-free to avoid drying the skin and uses a very light exfoliator to smoothly clean the pores, this is why it can be used on a daily basis (not as strong as the other face care exfoliator). This helps ensure the skin is clean and blackheads are reduced. The Pure System range focuses on acne-prone skin that often emerges from clogged pore (the acid salicylic helps exfoliating, the Aloe Vera moisturize to avoid any scars). It is safe to use Acid Salicylic on a daily basis if it is a light dose an combined with a moisturizer. The side effect of using an acid like Salicylic excessively is that it dries the skin (hence why sometimes acne treatments dry out the skin), but it’s also the reason why Yves Rocher combines it with Aloe Vera).
  • Eye care – It is recommended to avoid using our moisturizers around the eye area because the skin is at the thinnest. Yves Rocher has developed specialized products for eye care in order to ensure there is not possible discomfort on such sensitive part of the skin.
  • The Loyalty card program is an amazing way to take part of the Yves Rocher community (Newsletter, SMS,…) but to also receive offers. Straight on, when you take part of the program, you get 20% OFF on your second purchase and you accumulate points during every purchase. For every 500/- spent, the customer gets 1 point. Starting from 20 points, the customer can start redeeming their points on a product. During the redemption, 1 point = 25/-.

Featured Image of Wambui JL was taken by Wiseman Photography.

Have you used any Yves Rocher product? What’s your feedback on products, price, availability, and value for money? Let us know in the comments section below:

Wambui JL

Wambui is the creator of Hairpolitan Lifestyle Magazine. She's a Graphic Designer by profession and has run her company Idea Agency Ltd since 2008. She is passionate about the growth of female entrepreneurs and Emcee/Moderator for hire at events that educates and uplifts women.

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